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Tired of the Hustle? Successful But Not fulfilled?



This is your chance to finally design the ultimate vision of your life, business and career with an exceptional process based on deep studies on the most extra-ordinary people in the world.

Dear Ambitious Friend

Imagine living a life that feels like an adventure from the moment you open your eyes in the morning ‘til the time you lay your restful head on the pillow at night. Picture a life that makes you fulfilled, and financially successful without having to hustling yourself half to death.

Where you would smash it in your business or career, but still have a loving deep relationship with your spouse, kids, family and friends, feeling energized, happy and on track to create your biggest masterpiece in your life. How would that feel?


OK we understand your scepticism… But it’s not only possible, the creators of Diamond Life Design have actually done it. And not because they are uniquely gifted or brilliant, but because they followed a PROVEN system based on studies of people who are truly successful in all areas of life.

Life doesn’t have to be an endless hustle

Lots of ambitious people have falsely been taught that they must constantly hustle to achieve success. But being out of balance constantly hustling and not having time to feed your soul is a broken way of living. And it’s not only completely unnecessary, It’s actually counter-productive.

Life CAN be an exciting fulfilling adventure… The architects of the Diamond Life Design System have proven it. Just take a glance here of a few things they have achieved

+ Both have built Multiple 7 figure businesses.

+ Deri has participated in the toughest foot race on earth ( 251 km through Saharan desert) despite being told by experts that he would never run a marathon because he was flatfooted and Asthmatic.

+ He has also climbed 6 of the highest mountains in the world.

+ Andrea has appeared on Oprah, CNN, TLC, Dr Oz and countless other media.

+ Both are best-selling authors.

+ Both have Plenty of for family, friends, passions and ME time.

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Deri Llewellyn-Davies

They have done all this and more while travelling and impacting lives all over the world.
…. And now they want you to have the gift of the system that has been the basis of their achievements.

So if you are tired of the status quo and want to lead a truly remarkable life please read on.

The problem with personal development courses

Most personal development courses just focus on a single thing, like goal setting, vision, taking action, or your morning ritual, etc. All of these are important, but unless we combine all the components that truly matter in a structured way, we tend to become unbalanced or unfulfilled.

Deri created this system for himself because all the traditional systems was failing to create the vision of his ultimate life.

After carefully studying and investing over £500,000+ in training, mentoring, personal discovery, he found a way to integrate all aspects of life to create a revolutionary system that goes far deeper. Now they will take you on a more carefully designed journey to your ultimate destiny.

If you want a truly extraordinary life, regular knowledge and training program can’t take you there. You need something that goes deeper and integrates all aspects of your life.


Diamond Life Design is an evolution of personal growth programs.

It goes straight into the very essence of who you are and what matters to you in all dimensions of your life to help create your ultimate vision. A vision that will allow you to have it ALL

Diamond Life Is A Systematic and PROVEN process to create an Extraordinary Life.



Diamond Life Design is going deeper than any other program we are aware of… You will get a deeper understanding of yourself and insights into what REALLY drives you (and this might surprise you).

This understanding is a crucial foundation to be able to build a truly exceptional life.


To create an exceptional life, you need detailed and clear action plan for the day, week, month and quarter.

You will build a complete blueprint of what you need to do in order to achieve what matters most to you in all areas of your life.


Be part of a powerful tribe that are all focused on achieving extraordinary success… You can connect with this tribe both online and at live events.

Deri and Andrea host live sessions as part of the program and twice a year host live events. On top of that they will handpick the greatest teachers in all core areas of life to maximise your result from this life changing programme.

What can you expect as a result of The Diamond Life Design Process?

1. Crystal clear vision 

Finding your true mission and purpose is one of the most important undertakings of your entire life.

Diamond Life Design will guide you step by step to get a full understanding of how you can best make an impact and achieve your ultimate goals. With complete clarity and knowing you will get renewed focus and energy that automatically will propel you towards this vision

2. Increased Creativity.

Once you have cleared yourself of overwhelm and confusion and gained complete clarity you will naturally tap into more of your brain’s capacity to create.

You'll also be able to come up with innovative solutions to problems both for yourself and your clients.

3. Increased Energy.

Once Deri added just one of the elements in this system his energy shot through the roof.

This is because if you are out of alignment with certain elements it depletes your energy. Once you make this shift you are almost certain to have a permanent energy boost.

4. Make Better Decisions Quickly.

Decision making is crucial for success and Diamond Life Design will give you a framework to tap into your deep intuition and make the best possible decisions that are aligned with your unique purpose.

With better decisions you will find yourself moving towards your goals and dreams with far greater ease.

5. Feeling fully and vibrantly alive.

This is one of the fastest results you can expect from Diamond Life. You will learn how to tap into a power source and use it to instantly change how you feel from the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

Within a short time, you will probably feel more alive than you have for years. This is obviously going to affect every single aspect of your life, business and personal relationships.

6. Increased Motivation.

Have you found it to be hard to motivate yourself to do the necessary work?

You will get the insights to understand why this is happening and get yourself back on track again with endless motivation to conquer even your biggest goals.

7. Deep understanding of yourself.

The Diamond Life Design program is really going deep.

You will get an understanding of yourself that is the foundation for being able to propel your forward and create a life of fulfilment and success.

8. No more feeling empty.

If you feel empty, it’s a sign that you are out of alignment with your true purpose.

Diamond Life Design is a process that makes you reveal this purpose and once that happens any feeling of emptiness will be replaced by focus, clarity and gratitude. And if you do feel yourself spiral into a dark place you will get the tools to get you out of that quickly.

9. Improved Health and Fitness.

At age 45 Deri is still climbing mountains and running marathons while running multiple successful businesses. Most 25 year old’s would be green with envy over the level of fitness Deri is maintaining.

Likewise Andrea is keeping an exceptional level of health.

10. Sustained momentum

Momentum can be hard to gain on any normal day, but sustaining it is even harder. High-achievers often experience the ebbs and flows of this very crucial piece to success.

With a Diamond Life Design framework around your life, it's almost impossible to lose momentum.

11. Increased productivity

Once you find the missing piece in your Diamond, your productivity will increase to a level you have probably never experienced before.

This increased productivity will allow you to outperform competitors WHILE at the same time have more time for your family, health and passions.

12. Improved confidence

Confidence and self-esteem are crucial to achieve an exceptional life.

This will come as a natural by-product of going through the process in the diamond life Design system.

13. A greater sense of control in all areas of life

You will no longer feel that your life is completely out of control.

You will have the tools and the clarity that allows you to systematically steer your life, business and all areas of your life in the direction that you want.

14. Create deep relationships in business.

How would it feel if your business connections were more than just connections… but actual friend? How much more rewarding would it be to do business? This is exactly what you will be able to do with this amazing framework.

15. No more hustling yourself half to death

Have you heard that you need to hustle to succeed? This is a dangerous fallacy as hustling for too long leads to stress, decreased effectiveness, burnout and impairment of your creativity.

The fact is that once you get completely aligned with your true purpose and use the Diamond Life Design system to plan and execute, you won’t need to hustle to achieve exceptional results.

You will find you are becoming more effective and achieve more in less time, but your decision making will also be better and therefore you will make less mistakes. This frees up time to finally create and live the life you have envisioned.

16. No more sacrificing your personal relationships.

Do you feel that you are sacrificing your personal relationships for your business or career? The creators of Diamond Life Design program have proven that you CAN smash it in business while having rich and loving relationships with friends and family.

The Diamond Life Design framework will give you the freedom to have quality time with your most important people in your life so you can develop deep, loving and rewarding relationships.

17. No more destructive

Burnout is not only destructive for your health, it can be dangerous to your career and business. The worst thing is that burnout can come at the very moment you REALLY need your focus energy and passion. So if you want to achieve high levels of success you simply can’t afford it.

The trick to avoid burnout is to be able to recognize when it’s coming and have systems in place that can prevent it.
We will guide you to use revolutionary technology that will tell you clearly when you are about to burn out and with the Diamond Life Design process you will have the tools to get you back on your best performance quickly.


No matter what your challenges and situation, you REALLY CAN be more and achieve more, if you simply follow the right process. We know it sounds unlikely to achieve all of the above… and that ONE training program can help you do that.

But this is not an ordinary training program… It’s based on deep studies of the most exceptional people in the world that has achieved what many think is simply based on exceptional talent.

The creators of the diamond life design program also created exceptional success in all areas of their life, and if they used a system to so can you.

SO RELAX and START GETTING EXCITED, BECAUSE IF YOU simply follow the same system Deri and Andrea followed YOU TOO CAN GET IT ALL.

Over 2 decades of in-depth study, testing and tweaking – Paving the Way for Your Complete Transformation.

DERI spent over 20 years and over £500,000, researching, testing and proving concepts and methods from many of the most exceptional human beings on the planet that achieved extraordinary lives with abundance, balance and fulfilment.
Based on his findings he created an exceptional life and developed the Diamond life Design framework designed to accelerate your evolution rapidly and permanently, and to bring you to an optimal state. A state where you are fully tapped into your true power, so you can live your highest purpose, being FULLY present and feeling vibrantly alive in the process.

Meet the Creators of Diamond Life Design. Deri Lllewellyn-Davies and Dr Andrea Pennington

Serial entrepreneurs, best-sellers, adventurers and mentors to tens of thousands around the world.

Unlike many financially successful people, they’ve have achieved lives most people think are impossible, having success both financially AND in their personal lives while having time for fun, adventure and peak health.

They are the proof that you CAN have it all, financial freedom, a fantastic family life, exceptional health and fitness while having time for fun and activities that makes his heart sing.

Deri Llewellyn-Davies

Deri is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, adventurer and entrepreneur who is transforming lives around the world with his core focus on business growth and High performance to help people achieve a life of fulfilment, freedom and no regrets.

Here is just a few of the highlights of his achievements:

+ Bestselling author of “Strategy on a page” and “Life’s great adventure”

+ Has built several multi-million pound businesses.

+ Rose through the corporate ranks of 4 billion dollar companies to European board level.

+ Has climbed six of the highest mountains in the world.

+ Ran the Marathon des Sables, despite being told by experts that he would never run a marathon: Marathon des Sables is the toughest foot race on earth… a gruelling 251 km race through the Saharan desert equivalent to 6 marathons in 6 days.

+ Popular TEDx Speaker.

+ Advising over 300 company boards.

+ Loving relationship with partner and 4 kids.

+ Holds the coveted title of “Fellow” of the Professional Speakers Association.

+ Speaking all over the world inspiring thousands to step up and lead an intentional life with passion and fulfilment.

+ At age 45 he is keeping an exceptional fitness level and health and now planning to run 6 marathons in 6 days in the Amazonian jungle.

Dr. Andrea Pennington

Dr Andrea is a best-selling author and renowned personal brand architect, media producer, communications specialist and an anti-aging expert.

Here are just a few of her exceptional achievements:

+ She has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show and countless other media including CNN, TLC and Dr Oz

+ She is an international TEDx speaker and sought-after media personality.

+ She has authored best 3 best sellers.

+ Created multiple 7 figure businesses.

+ She has taught Corporate Brand Management and Applied Positive Psychology in the Business School at the University of Monaco and served as a faculty mentor for the Global Institute for Evolving Women.

+ Andrea also has over 18 years experience as an integrative medicine physician, acupuncturist, meditation teacher, sex educator, anti-aging and wellness expert.

+ Has built exceptional health and maintained looks that seems completely impossible at her age.

+ She now lives in her paradise on the French Riviera while travelling all over the world to impacts lives.


And check this out >>>>>

+ She has created all this as a single mother
+ While only working 9 months a year
+ AND She takes off 1 week every month a
+ AND ONLY works 3 days a week.

So if these kinds of results seems appealing you have found the right teachers to finally take you to your ideal vision.

TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION IN JUST 6 MONTHS… With Profound Shift Starting Instantly

In just 6 months, Diamond Life Design will give you the exact tools you need to create your life in all dimensions that truly matter.

This transformational process will make quick, but deep shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, and your overall quality of life. As we guide you through a profound step by step process you will create breakthroughs in each of the areas of your life that is important to you.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, join us now to get the final pieces to create your masterpiece.

7 Reasons why Diamond Life Design can be one of the most transformational experiences of your life

1) It works on ALL aspects of your life.

2) It’s based on careful studies of some of the most exceptional people in the world that “have it all”

3) Starts where other systems end.

4) A systematic Step by step framework to create sustained momentum.

5) It goes deeper to access aspects of yourself other systems might never reveal.

6) It’s an evolution of personal achievement and development programs.

7) Unlike other systems we don’t try to force you into a model that doesn’t fit you.

Start your journey to greatness … click here to join us today.


Ordinary knowledge doesn’t work if you want to live an extraordinary life. You need to know more than just how to run a business or get ahead in your career… you need to know yourself on a deep level and how to run your life in a way that is truly fulfilling to you, while achieving your financial goals.

This takes an extraordinary knowledge and a system that makes you IMPLEMENT the changes and make them stick PERMANENTLY.

True fulfillment comes from being fully integrated in your heart your mind your body your soul, and that’s exactly what this program is going to do for you.


The Diamond Life Design program is not an ordinary training program. This program has been over 20 years in the making and is based on research in many different fields and tested in the real world, creating REAL wealth …. Not just financially by wealth and abundance in all areas of life.

Many so-called experts are just talking from theory and have never built serious wealth… OR they have never achieved a fully balanced life.

Deri and Andrea themselves have achieved this elusive successful balanced life and they have handpicked top experts that meet a strict criterion for excellence to ensure you get the best possible results.

There really isn’t anything else like this program anywhere on the planet and at a price that is so low it’s a no-brainer

But we do understand that some people might feel hesitant to try yet another training program.

However we are so certain that your life will transform as a results of what we will share with you and That’s why we have decided that you can…


Don’t decide now what you think about the program… You have a full 30 days to put
us to the test, so you can Have complete peace of mind when you try Diamond Life Design

You are completely protected by our unconditional 30 day guarantee

Use the system for 30 days and…

- If you are not excited about the results you have experienced.
- If you are not already feeling less overwhelmed.
- If you are not feeling more clarity and more fully alive.

Simply let us know within 30 days for a swift no quibble refund. No hoops to go through. It’s that easy.

We take all the risk, so you don’t have any.


So with that in mind .. join us today so you can instantly start creating your masterpiece and get to the next stage of evolution in your life, business and career.

It‘s TIME…

You are here and have read so far in this letter because you know there is something missing in your life and you still believe there are some ways to find the missing pieces. We firmly believe you will find those missing pieces in this program.

So It’s TIME… to take that sigh of relief.

This system WILL work for you and we will be there for you along the way to guide and support you to get to your dream destination. If not, you are 100% protected by our 30 day unconditional guarantee. So there is no way you can go wrong with this.

This is what you get when you join us today RISK FREE…..

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- Online training direct from Deri Llewellyn-Davies and Dr. Andrea Pennington

- 1 year full curriculum 

- Results-focused quarterly phases

- On demand high quality content available any device, anytime, anywhere

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- Diamond life design ebook 

- Access to our private Facebook community of like-minded life architects to hold you accountable 

- Quarterly access to Live Diamond Life Design coaching calls including live Q&A with Deri, Andrea and other international guests

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